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PgSqlDataReader.GetSchemaTable and PgSqlConnection.GetSchema

Posted: Thu 14 Jul 2005 11:58
by jef
hi all,

Running PostgreSQLDirect .NET Data Provider 2.10, i have a couple of issues, i guess bugs, while retrieving the schema of a database.

1) the generic GetSchemaTable function from the DataReader (inherited and overloaded from IDBDataReader i think). In this, some field of the DataTable Row are not filed properly: the 'is not null', and the 'key' filed are never set, whatever state the db column is in reality.

2) I then moved on to the GetSchema function of the PgSqlConnection which is, even if specific to postgres, better information wise, a lot more is accessible, great. The problem is that the columnlength of a column object is never set for fixed size char type field. I can understand that a text type give out -1 as len, but a char(100) should return 100 as it len, but still return -1. Interstingly enought, "fixed fixed" types do set their len field (and i dont needed as it is fixed :) )

Thanks for any help / feedback



Posted: Thu 14 Jul 2005 12:00
by jef
and i guess the issue 2 is fixed in 2.11 didn't read the release note ... will test that at least

Posted: Thu 14 Jul 2005 12:59
by Guest
just tested, NOT fixed in 2.11 (full release, duno if it change something). The property which is a problem is:

"columnlength" from the "Columns" GetSchema method.

Tx for any information on this

Posted: Fri 22 Jul 2005 09:06
by Yuri
We got your request and now examines the problem.
As soon as we solve the problem, we'll let you know.

Posted: Fri 05 Aug 2005 11:56
by Yuri
We reproduced your problem and fixed it.
This fix will be included in the next PostgreSqlDirect .NET build. It will be available in a week.