in 4.50.33 'SSL Mode' does not exist and empty TEXT...

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in 4.50.33 'SSL Mode' does not exist and empty TEXT...

Post by baba » Tue 04 Aug 2009 12:06

in 4.50.33, connection string SSL Mode is no more supported (why ?)

Selecting a TEXT which actually is a ''::text becomes a DBNull


Select company from doms where uid=237

in that row, company is not null and equals ''.

In my dataset 'company' does not allow DBNull (for safety).
In the table the default value for 'company' is ''::text.
I double check in the database : company equals ''. This is correct.
Everything used to work but since 4.50.33, company is 'transformed' into DBNull.

Any idea ?

Devart Team
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Post by AndreyR » Thu 06 Aug 2009 12:39

Please try to reproduce the problem using recent dotConnect for PostgreSQL 4.55.39.
We have made some fixes associated with DBNull and empty strings.

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