DatabaseExists, CreateDatabase "not implemented"

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DatabaseExists, CreateDatabase "not implemented"

Post by dclark » Fri 27 Feb 2009 21:02

Visual Studio 2008 9.0.30729.1 SP
dotConnect for PostgreSQL (eval version)
.NET 3.5 SP1
Windows XP, SP3

I'm evaluating the Devart tool's ability to support a substantial body of code originally written to use Linq to MS SQL code. I was able to migrate the MS SQL database to PostgreSQL, and then use the Devart tools to successfully create Linq classes from that PostgreSQL database.

The previous code that worked with MS SQL Linq classes now successfully instantiate the new Devart-derived DataContext instead, but for that new DataContext it seems that DatabaseExists() and CreateDatabase() both seem to throw the "not implemented" exception.

The error dialog title reads "Database Connection Test" or "Create Database", respectively.

The error dialog body text reads "The method or operation is not implemented" plus my connection string. FYI, the connection string looks like this, but I don't think there's anything wrong with it because it works fine with other apps, including the Devart Entity Developer:

"User Id=postgres;Password=****;Host=localhost;Database=****"

So, is it true that Devart has just not yet implemented these methods? If so, can you suggest (a) when you might implement them and (b) what might be good workarounds?

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Post by AndreyR » Mon 02 Mar 2009 13:41

The CreateDatabase() method will be implemented in one of the nearest builds of dotConnect for PostgreSQL.
As for the DatabaseExists() method, no timeframe can be provided still.

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