Any way to use Devart.postgres with native c++ ADO ?

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Any way to use Devart.postgres with native c++ ADO ?

Post by jkanerva » Wed 18 Feb 2009 13:51

Possible a way to call (devart) ADO.NET from ADO native C++ code ?

I am missing a operational postgres ADO (OLE DB?) connection that the native C++ ADO with connection_string would refer and use.
I have devart.postgres pro.
Is there any way to use that as a data connector ?
Or do you have a product for it ( postgres ADO) ?

I just have minimum one UPDATE command to write to postgres DB from native C++.

Of cause I have to open/close the ADO link etc with try and catch and some logic and error handler.
One problem is that I also write to .dbf and mySQL from same ADO and therefore I can not easily rewrite that in managed NET C++.

The native C++ is a .dll which is used from one native C++ Windows Form application . I have a operational and tested assembly having 14 000 rows of C/C++ native code with some ADO binding so I am not rewriting it.

I know there is a public domain postgres (ADO) OLE DB but it does not work or write into DB= obsolate. System is Vista Pro 32 bit quad CPU.

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more information : postgres data provider

Post by jkanerva » Fri 20 Feb 2009 13:50

I can select and use it inside VC2008 Server Explorer OK.
Provider=dotConnect for postgreSQL from data connections list.
User Id=postgres;Host=PG-SERVER-01;Database=flexmat;Persist Security Info=True;Schema=public
From VC2008 Server Explorer.

I can not select this data connection from any other program or Windows Operating System level.
Somehow this 'dotConnect for postgreSQL' should be able to be decleared into OS.

I can not see postgres data provider (or connection ) from normal data providers at windows OS level. Something small is missing. Like 'how to add this provider to windows' , like registry or some where.

dotConnect for postgreSQL could be used from any program for test purposes and programming. I quickly test the different providers from Open Office Base, input and see database datatables and I and customers can use it as a admin console and edit database. It provides excel / office link.

Customers are willing to pay for this since the official postgres ADO connector is junk.

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Post by Shalex » Fri 20 Feb 2009 16:20

1. Generally it is possible to call the managed code from the native (unmanaged) code. But you cannot do it directly. You will need to create "wrappers" writing an additional code for this purpose.

2. You can obtain a list of available providers using the System.Data.Common.DbProviderFactory class, and create the objects of the chosen provider by the help of this class. You can do it from .NET application only.

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