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Datasource enumerator cannot detect postgres servers

Posted: Wed 03 Sep 2008 20:30
by dghundt
I have used the following code to detect postgreql hosts on my lan, but datatable remains empty. It compiles fine.

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PgSqlDataSourceEnumerator instance = PgSqlDataSourceEnumerator.Instance;
DataTable dtSQLServers = instance.GetDataSources();
foreach (DataRow drServer in dtSQLServers.Rows)
                    String ServerName;
                    ServerName = drServer[0].ToString();
When I use VS 2005 data connection wizard, I cannot detect any postgres server Hosts after scanning the network either. If I type in the correct server name, I can then connect just fine. This makes me think that cannot auto detect postgres hosts.

I can use similar mssql code to detect mssql hosts on my lan.

Using postgresql v 8.2

Posted: Wed 03 Sep 2008 23:01
by dghundt
upgrading to the most recent build fixed the issue.