HELP! - Queries return maximum of only 6 columns

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HELP! - Queries return maximum of only 6 columns

Post by simon » Thu 05 May 2005 00:09

Hi All,

Are there any other licensed users (ie. using a licensed version, not the trial version) of PostgreSQL.Direct .NET Framework 1.1 experiencing this problem?

I am using the latest version:

If you are using any licensed version of PostgreSqlDirect .NET with or without this particular problem then would you mind replying to this post and stating;
  • version of PostgreSqlDirect (2.X.X)
    version of PostgreSQL (7.X.X)
    whether this problem is occuring for you
    any causes or workarounds (besides running multiple queries) for this problem
This would be very much appreciated.

CoreLab: would you consider licensing your source to paying users (as for example does with their extensive, $US700 .NET GUI libraries)? I have no interest in writing or maintaining database libraries like yours but I would be pleased to spend the time investigating problems that are effecting my work and suggest patches if necessary. This would save CoreLab time and effort in product support, add value for your customers (ie. open source is huge value these days) and hopefully make the quality of your products even better. Please consider that your right to enforce copyright over your source code in the US, Europe, Australia and other important markets is strongly supported by intellectual property law (along with no-win-no-pay legal support) in those countries and around the world. More importantly, consider that the vast majority of software developers buy libraries like yours to build other apps and are not interested in creating and maintaining a competing product ie. they want the core functionality of a library to 'just work' so they can get more specific tasks completed.


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Post by HoGo » Thu 05 May 2005 13:26


Yes, I have the same problem. A was download the version from the registered user area - with my username and password, but the downloaded PostgreSQLDirect .NET works like a trial version. It returns only the first 6 fields...

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Post by Oleg » Thu 05 May 2005 13:55

Try to reinstall PostgreSQLDirect .NET. Check before that PostgreSQLDirect isn't installed and there are no CoreLab.PostgreSql.dll, CoreLab.PostgreSql.Addin.dll, CoreLab.PostgreSql.Design.dll files in GAC.

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