"License not valid" --> Manual installation?

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"License not valid" --> Manual installation?

Post by thomas840 » Thu 06 Dec 2007 10:14

I'm running PostgreSQL 2.40 and SharpDevelop 1.1.0.

Unfortunately I no longer have the Postgres installation file, but I do have all of the files that it installs into the CoreLab directory. My first development computer crashed. I am now running on a new laptop. I copied over all of the files in the Corelab directory and installed the 3 dlls into the GAC.

I have a previous application which I developed in which Corelab PostGresSql is successfully installed and running in the IDE (SharpDevelop). The Corelab dlls are not in the same directory as the executable. This implies that I am able to use Corelab.PostGreSQL without having run the installation program. However, when I attempt to create a new application and use PostGreSQL, I receive the error "License not valid."

I have followed the instructions in the help file: I created a licenses.licx file and added it as an embedded resource. I used lc.exe to create an AppName.exe.license file and embedded that as a resource. I have added Corelab as a reference, added the controls to the GUI and manually added a PgSqlConnection object to the project. I have deleted all files in the bin directory and recompiled. I still get "License not valid."

I wonder if the problem is that I never actually ran the Corelab installation program on my current laptop. Could this cause a problem with having an invalid license when creating a new application, but still allow previously created licenses to work? If so, how can I manually install Corelab? What modifications must I make to the registry? If not, what else can I try to solve this "License is invalid" message?


P.S. Except for getting the license to work (which has always been difficult), I find PostgreSQL to be a great product.

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Post by SecureGen » Thu 06 Dec 2007 13:30

Manual installation is not supported. You have to install PostgreSQLDirect .NET using the installation executable.

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