PostgreSQLDirect .NET version 3.20 Released!

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PostgreSQLDirect .NET version 3.20 Released!

Post by Alexey » Thu 30 Aug 2007 12:49

Dear users,

Core Lab team is glad to announce the release of the new PostgreSQLDirect .NET version 3.20.
In PostgreSQLDirect .NET 3.20 we introduced the following features:
  • Supported Visual Studio codename Orcas Beta 1
  • Supported .NET Entity Framework
  • Added support for x64 architecture
  • Enhanced command builder with generation of row refresh statements
  • Added DbCommand.GetRecordCount() method to determine rows count of a request
  • Added INullable interface for provider specific types
  • Added capability to store connection strings in application settings
  • Extended drag'n'drop capabilities in DataSet Manager
  • Add-in menu moved to Visual Studio package
  • Demo projects reorganized
  • Added CRM (Customer Relationship Management) demo project
  • Added Ping demo project for Mobile Edition
Please try the new version of PostgreSQLDirect .NET 3.20 that can be downloaded at

To participate in discussion about the new PostgreSQLDirect .NET version, visit the Core Lab support forums
at or e-mail the developers directly.
We're looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Core Lab development team