ADODB vs. ADO.Net Connection

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ADODB vs. ADO.Net Connection

Post by bwenzlau » Tue 28 Aug 2007 23:52

I am familiar with ADODB connections with vbScript and their use between SQL 2005 at text files. In order to use Postgis through Postgres, I now need to migrate data from SQL2005 to Postgres. As SSIS will not work, I would apply vbScript and Insert statements.

It is unclear to me whether will assist in building a connection string within vbScript, and if such a connection string is built through the ADODB process?

Is there an alternate connection string, and object that I call up to work with the Postgres tool.



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Post by Alexey » Wed 29 Aug 2007 06:43

PostgreSQLDirect .NET is based upon ADO.NET technology, so you should use .NET Framework to work with it.

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