dotConnect for SQLite 5.17 is released!

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dotConnect for SQLite 5.17 is released!

Post by Devart » Fri 04 Dec 2020 11:19

Dear users,

Devart is glad to announce the release of dotConnect for SQLite 5.17 — a powerful ADO.NET provider for SQLite with advanced support for Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, LinqConnect (LINQ to SQLite) and NHibernate. The new release offers support for Entity Framework Core 5. It also makes some breaking changes to Devart.Data.SQLite.EFCore NuGet package, which affect projects, using Entity Framework Core 2.

This package previously contained the corresponding Devart.Data.SQLite.Entity.EFCore.dll assemblies for different Entity Framework Core versions:
  • EF Core 1 assembly (.NET Standard 1.3)
  • EF Core 2 assembly (.NET Standard 2.0)
  • EF Core 3 assembly (.NET Standard 2.1)
Now the assemblies and their .NET Standard compatibility changed in this package. It now contains assemblies for the following Entity Framework Core versions:
  • EF Core 1 assembly (.NET Standard 1.3)
  • EF Core 3 assembly (.NET Standard 2.0)
  • EF Core 5 assembly (.NET Standard 2.1)
Note that this package does not contain an assembly for Entity Framework Core 2 anymore. This assembly is now available only via dotConnect for SQLite installer. It installs it into \Entity\EFCore2\netstandard2.0\ subfolder of the provider installation folder.

This means that if you used this NuGet package in your project, using Entity Framework Core 2, the project will be automatically upgraded to Entity Framework Core 3 when updating our NuGet package. Note that there are breaking changes between Entity Framework Core 2 and 3. And if your project used Entity Framework Core 3, it will be upgraded to Entity Framework Core 5.

If you want to stay on Entity Framework Core 2, you need to do the following things:
  1. Delete the Devart.Data.SQLite.EFCore package from your project
  2. Add the Devart.Data.SQLite package instead.
  3. Add the Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Relational package of version 2.2.6 to your project.
  4. Add the \Entity\EFCore2\netstandard2.0\Devart.Data.SQLite.Entity.EFCore.dll assembly from the provider installation folder to your project.

Here is the complete list of dotConnect for SQLite 5.17.1782 features:
  • Visual Studio 2019 version 16.9 Preview is supported
  • The sqlite3.dll library that is included into the installation package is updated to version 3.34.0
  • The bug with using URI format with file path in the Data Source connection string parameter is fixed
  • The bug with updating projects that reference EF6 provider assembly via Upgrade Wizard is fixed
Entity Developer
  • The new features are supported in Entity Framework 5.0:
    • TPT inheritance
    • Many-to-many associations
    • The new types of properties IPAddress and PhysicalAddress
  • The Model Refactoring functionality is supported for classes in EF Core Model
  • The behavior is changed in a standalone Entity Developer: by default the Target Framework model property in EF Core Model is set to .NET 5 instead of .NET Framework
  • The bug with saving non-default value of Target Framework model property in EF6 model modified with a standalone Entity Developer is fixed
  • The bug with adding new arguments at the end of argument list instead of actual position in method signature by Update From Database Wizard is fixed
Entity Framework support
  • Entity Framework Core 5.0 is supported
  • Entity Framework Core 3.1.10 is supported
  • The behavior is changed: EF Core 3 assemblies available via NuGet package are compiled for .NET Standard 2.0 instead of .NET Standard 2.1
  • The behavior is changed: EF Core 2 assemblies are no longer available via NuGet package but created in the provider installation folder
  • The bug with using another context's connection in DbContextOptionsBuilder.UseSQLite(connection) in EF Core is fixed
Devart development team