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Unifizz with Unidac Sqlite

Posted: Wed 21 Apr 2021 13:44
by xDestynyx
Hi. I have long been a user of Unidac for Delphi and I've been delighted with it, however I have now come across a problem. I use a program called RootsMagic for my family history and it uses sqlite with a custom correlation RMNOCASE to store it's data. I use Sqlite Expert Professional to test queries with, but for it to work I have to add unifizz.dll as an extension to the 32bit Sqlite Expert. Can I use this extension with Unidac Sqlite and if so how, please? Thanks.

Re: Unifizz with Unidac Sqlite

Posted: Thu 13 May 2021 14:17
by MaximG
UniDAC allows loading extensions. The following code fragment shows how to load 'unifizz.dll' :

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  UniConnection.ProviderName := 'SQLite';
  UniConnection.SpecificOptions.Values['Direct'] := 'True';
  UniConnection.SpecificOptions.Values['EnableLoadExtension'] := 'True';
  UniConnection.ExecSQL('SELECT load_extension(''unifizz.dll'')')