UNIDAC 8.0.1 on samsung A5 (2017)

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UNIDAC 8.0.1 on samsung A5 (2017)

Post by xfrans » Tue 24 Sep 2019 03:42

Dear support
i am using
- UNIDAC 8.0.1 Trial Edtion
- Delphi XE7
- Samsung A5 (2017) android version 8.0.0

and want to connect to oracle Database in android.
the problem is, when i put the Tbutton in form to connect the oracle database, its always failed, the application close suddenly .

here is my script in button.onclick;
Connection: TUniConnection;
Connection := TUniConnection.Create(nil);
Connection.ProviderName := 'Oracle';
Connection.SpecificOptions.Values['Direct'] := 'True';
Connection.Server := ';
Connection.Username := 'dblive';
Connection.Password := 'dblive';

i'm already make sure that my android connect with the ip server,

thanks for the advice

Devart Team
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Re: UNIDAC 8.0.1 on samsung A5 (2017)

Post by ViktorV » Wed 25 Sep 2019 12:00

1. Make sure that the form contains the TOracleUniProvider component or the OracleUniProvider unit has been added to the USES section.
2. Make sure that you have access to the server from a mobile device, e.g. by executing the following command: ping
3. Make sure that pdksdb is a valid SID
Also, let us know whether the error occurs when using our Mobile demo project, which is located in the 'Demos\Mobile' folder (the path is relative to your UniDAC demos installation path).

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