Unidac 7.4.12 MongoDB 4.2

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Unidac 7.4.12 MongoDB 4.2

Post by sasa.pikija » Sun 18 Aug 2019 22:42

Is MongoDB v4.2 supported by Unidac 7.4.12?

I'm using win32 dll from Unidac directory and I managed to connect to MongoDB, but in "Info" tab (in UniConnection) says:
Server version: 3.20.0 (direct access)
Client version: 3.20.0

When I try to execute simple find (like described in Unidac help) I'm getting error: unrecognized token: "{"

UniQuery1.SQL.Text := '{"find":"restaurants", "filter":{"cuisine":"italian"}, "sort":{"name:1}}';

There is error in this line in Unidac help: "sort":{"name:1} should be "sort":{"name":1} - missing second ", but, in both cases, error is the same.

Am I doing something wrong or MongoDB v4.2 is not supported by Unidac v7.4.12?


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Re: Unidac 7.4.12 MongoDB 4.2

Post by ViktorV » Tue 20 Aug 2019 13:42

Thank you for the information. We have already fixed the issue. This fix will be included into the next UniDAC.
We can send you the nigthly build that include the necessary changes. If you'd like to get the nightly build, please let us know what IDEs you're using.

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