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ConnectionDialog Options

Posted: Tue 16 Jul 2019 07:06
by Kondzie
Helo there,

i wonder if there is a possibility to change options while runtime?
Like the design time "wizard", where u can change connect options like "Authentication".
If u want to connect to a Database, for example SQL Server, and u want to login with WindowsAuthentication, i got an exception "wrong User ID 'sa'".
Hope u understand my problem.

greetings Kondzie

Re: ConnectionDialog Options

Posted: Tue 16 Jul 2019 13:53
by Stellar
You can find the demo project in the "%UniDACDemos%\" directory. "%UniDACDemos%" is a path to the installed demo projects on your computer.
On the ConnectDialog tab, you can find an example of the creation of a custom DB Connection dialog. Using this example, you can add a selection of authentication methods to the connection dialog on your own. We intentionally distribute TUniConnectDialog with source code so that the users can change it according to their needs.