Doubts before buying Unidac

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Doubts before buying Unidac

Post by SergioFeitoza » Sun 30 Jun 2019 11:28

In 2017 I bought a MyDac license but for a series of reasons I did not implement it in my codes. Now I am near to buy Unidac if it works well with a code, I developed It is a Delphi code using a single MySql database. Please answer the following doubts
I downloaded the Unidac trial license, installed it and modified my code to use Unidac.
It compiles without errors but when I run it gives me an error " If you build your project without run-time packages you need dac230.bpl unidac230.bpl . Unidac trial version need additional files

Please note that the two bpl files are listed in the in the Options > Library path but it seems that it is not seen by Unidac,
What should I do to correct this and to see if Unidac works well with MySql ? I depend on the successful test to
buy it.
I buy the Standard edition (single - $299.95) or the Professional ($499.95 ) is this a perpetual license or a one-year license? Which are the rights for updates?
If I buy the Standard edition and use it with a MySql single database can I create an installer for my Delphi code (compiled to an exe file) which will work independently without needing WAMP server or similar things?

If instead of buying Unidac I simply buy an update for Mydac Professional is it sufficient for my purposes above? How much is the update?
Sergio (emails and )
By the way, do you have any kind of support in Brazil?

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Re: Doubts before buying Unidac

Post by ViktorV » Tue 02 Jul 2019 12:14

If you are evaluating deploying Windows applications with UniDAC Trial Edition, you will need to deploy the following BPL files:
dacXX.bpl always
unidacXX.bpl always
and their dependencies (required IDE BPL files) with your application, even if it is built without run-time packages:
rtlXX.bpl always
dbrtlXX.bpl always
vcldbXXX.bpl always
This information is contained in the phrase "and their dependencies (required IDE BPL files)":
When using a licensed version of UniDAC you should deploy the required BPL files only in case of project compilation with the Build with runtime packages option enabled.

Devart products are sold on the subscription basis.
The subscription is valid for 1 year only after the purchase. So you can download new versions of the product for free during a year.
When this period ends, you need to renew your subscription to get access to download the latest versions from your Customer Portal Account.
But the license itself is permanent in the sense that a particular version can be used without any time limitations.
So, it would be a one-time payment. In a year if the latest version would be necessary, you can purchase a renewal, which costs approx. a half of the initial license price.

MyDAC is designed to work with MySQL server that must be installed and configured beforehand.
If the TMyConnection.Server property is set to "localhost" or "" then MyDAC will try to connect to MySQL server that is on the same machine where the application is launched:
The first case (a full-fledged remote MySQL server is installed and running on the device):
Since MyDAC works with MySQL server directly without using the client library, you do not have to deploying any additional files.
To be able to work with the server, it must be pre-installed, configured and started. The question about installing MySQL server is not related to MyDAC functionality, and to get an answer to the question about installing and configuring MySQL server, you should refer to the MySQL server support or ask the question in forums.
2nd case (MySQL Embedded):
MyDAC works with MySQL Embedded using the client library, therefore to work with MySQL Embedded server, please contact MySQL server developers to ask about MySQL server for your platform.
You can find more information about work with MySQL Embedded Server here:

MyDAC Professional License will be sufficient for your purposes as explained.
UniDAC supports a connection to multiple databases, however, provides a limited functionality which can be compared to Standard Editions of separate DAC products.
While specialized DACs support connection to a single database each, but can offer much more advanced functionality.
UniDAC is a universal set of components that provides a transparent server-independent interface for working with different databases (for example InterBase, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and others).
You can learn more about MyDAC here:
Please feel free to learn more about UniDAC here:
You can also test the required functionality and compatibility by using UniDAC Trial Edition: - a full-featured version of UniDAC Professional Edition with a time limit of 30 days.
Kindly note that there is no Devart support located in Brasil.
However, we provide direct support to all our customers.
We would also like to inform you that we work Monday through Friday and according to our support policy our technical support specialist may require up to 48 hours to reply back to the customer depending on the difficulty of the incoming inquiry.

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