Retrieving properties of tables and views

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Andrea Raimondi
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Retrieving properties of tables and views

Post by Andrea Raimondi » Sat 20 Apr 2019 13:56


UniDac allows me to get a list of tables and views like so:
SrcConnection.GetTableNames( FSourceNames );

Now I want to fill a list but differentiating between tables and views.
How do I get the properties of a single object?

Please note that the table component does not seem to have anything to distinguish between the two (I did check).


Devart Team
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Re: Retrieving properties of tables and views

Post by Stellar » Thu 25 Apr 2019 12:43

Unfortunately, the GetTableNames method cannot return the View list. To get the metainfo of the database objects from the server, you can use the TUniMetaData component.
The following is an example of how you can get the View list:

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UniMetaData1.MetaDataKind := 'Tables';
UniMetaData1.Restrictions.Values['TABLE_TYPE']:= 'VIEW';

while not UniMetaData1.Eof do

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