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Post by ualms » Tue 09 Apr 2019 07:30

i got an exception if i execute a query (UniDac/MyDac).

In the project ApsMenu.exe occurs an exception of class EAsserzionFailed with the message 'Assertion failure (D:\Projects\Delphi\Dac\Common\DBAccess.pas, line 8029)'.

APsMenu.exe is our MDI Parent. There are a Form with our Connection. We will use the Connection in the MDI Childs (dll).
If i Execute a Query in the MDI Childs i got an exception.
(Delphi 10.2, MyDac 9.1.3, UniDac 7.1.4)

The Same code run in Delphi 7 with MyDac 9.1.3, UniDac 7.1.4.

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Re: EAssertionFailed

Post by ViktorV » Tue 09 Apr 2019 11:35

The sample of working with DLL with MyDAC is available in the %MyDACDemos%\Miscellaneous\Dll\ folder where %MyDACDemos% is the MyDAC Demo projects installation path on your computer.
If this does not help you in solving your problem, please compose a small sample demonstrating the specified behavior and send it to us using the contact form https://devart.com/company/contactform.html, including scripts for creating and filling database objects.

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