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Bad Performance on Query.SQL.Add

Posted: Fri 11 Jan 2019 12:01
by bursch

we have an realy huge code base with millions line of code and currently evaluating your components. Now we found an problem with very bad performance with multiple calls of SQL.Add with your query component.

It seems that every change from the sql statement results in parsing from the complete sql statement.

I know that it's possible to call SQL.BeginUpdate/SQL.EndUpdate ... I need the possibility to disable this behaviour and enable it on demand.

The ExpandMacro-method is not virtual so i have no chance to change this in my source code. It is possible to disable the parsing? Or it is possible to declare the ExpandMacro-method as virtual in your future builds?

Best regards
Manuel Bursch

Re: Bad Performance on Query.SQL.Add

Posted: Fri 11 Jan 2019 13:39
by azyk
Please compose a small test project. In it, demonstrate exactly how you use SQL.Add . In the project, include a script to create a test table. Use the contact form at our website and send us this project. Also specify the exact version of the DBMS you are using.