New version of UniDAC 7.4 is already released!

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New version of UniDAC 7.4 is already released!

Post by Devart » Mon 26 Nov 2018 15:47

Dear users,

Upgraded UniDAC 7.4 is available for download now!

In this version:
  • RAD Studio 10.3 Rio is supported
  • Support of UPPER and LOWER functions for Unified SQL is added
  • Bug with using the FieldOrigins property is fixed
  • Bug with using the TrimFixedChar property is fixed
  • Bug with saving a dataset that contains BLOB fields to XML is fixed
  • Bug with the Refresh method of TVirualQuery is fixed
  • Bug with handling BCD fields in TVirtualQuery is fixed
  • Bug with updating fields which have data type mapping in TVirtualQuery is fixed
Oracle data provider
  • Oracle 18c is supported
  • Implicit result sets in Oracle 12 are supported
  • Bug with detecting time zone when connecting in the Direct mode is fixed
  • Bug with using an extended string in DML statements in Oracle 12 is fixed
  • Bug with using the IFILE option in TNSNAMES.ORA is fixed
SQLServer data provider
  • QuoteNames option in TUniLoader to escape field names is added
  • Bug with mapping a TEXT field to ftWideMemo in Delphi is fixed
  • Bug with SQL statements containing a CONTAINS predicate in the WHERE clause is fixed
  • Bug with application freezing when executing a stored procedure is fixed
  • Bug with editing the ConnectString property in TUniConnection in design-time editor is fixed
  • Bug with XML field types when clearing data is fixed
  • Bug with setting "MSOLEDBSQL.1" value for the TUniConnection.ConnectString property is fixed
MySQL data provider
  • Support for PAM and Windows authentications is added
  • Bug in TUniDump with backuping stored procedures in MySQL 8 is fixed
  • Bug with describing binary fields is fixed
InterBase data provider
  • Possibility to write large blobs by pieces is added
PostgreSQL data provider
  • PostgreSQL 11 is supported
SQLite data provider
  • Support for the BreakExec method in the Query component is added
  • Bug in TUniDump with dumping national characters when UseUnicode is True is fixed
ASE data provider
  • Bug with AssignConnect is fixed
MongoDB data provider
  • Bug with re-setting a query for the Query component is fixed
DBF data provider
  • Detection of the file format when the DBFFormat option is set to dfAuto is improved
  • Work with databases which contain a large number of files is improved
  • Bug with incorrect query result when using local indexes is fixed
  • Bug with mapping DATE fields is fixed
BigCommerce data provider
  • OAuth authentication is supported

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