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Error using TScHttpWebResponse 'ReadNoWait internal error'

Posted: Thu 07 Nov 2019 20:30
by byronrocha
Hi I am having an issue when I am trying to perform a GET.
Here is a code for reference of the call, not always happens, is for an specific info.

Request: TScHttpWebRequest;
Response: TScHttpWebResponse;
Output: string
... Here I have the setup in order to use certificates for authentication
Response := Request.GetResponse;
Output := Response.ReadAsString;

The error occurs in function TScSecureConnection.ReadNoWait
during the debug, the values of the variables were:
FWritePos 16384
FReadPos 16383

Any Idea?

function TScSecureConnection.ReadNoWait(const Buffer: TValueArr; Offset, Count: integer): integer;
if FWritePos <> FReadPos then
raise Exception.Create(SReadNoWaitInternalError); //Here is where the error is showed

Re: Error using TScHttpWebResponse 'ReadNoWait internal error'

Posted: Fri 08 Nov 2019 10:13
by ViktorV
Please make sure that you are using the latest version of SecureBridge 9.1.3.
If this is so, in order for us to be able to give you a detailed answer, we need a sample demonstrating the behavior you mentioned. Therefore, please, compose a small sample demonstrating the described behavior and send it to us using the contact form

Re: Error using TScHttpWebResponse 'ReadNoWait internal error'

Posted: Tue 12 Nov 2019 16:55
by byronrocha
I am using that version. Unfortunately I can't create a scenario for you to test due to access level.
Is there a way to log all the events in order to discover where the error comes?

Re: Error using TScHttpWebResponse 'ReadNoWait internal error'

Posted: Wed 13 Nov 2019 13:52
by ViktorV
Unfortunately, we haven't been able to reproduce the issue using your description of it, and neither have received reports on such issue from our users yet. The issue may have been caused by something other than SecureBridge code. The only way to investigate the issue is to look into your code where the issue can be reliably reproduced. Please create and send us such code example. After looking into your code example, we'll fix the issue if it's caused by our SecureBridge code.