[Version 4.8.13] Firebird.msg not found with FB3

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[Version 4.8.13] Firebird.msg not found with FB3

Post by ricolebo » Fri 01 Dec 2017 09:42


Since I installed FB3, when database returns an exception I have this message :
can't format 13:164 -- message file c:\myApp\firebird.msg not found. <.../...>

firebird.msg is not in my app directory but in firebird install folder of course

No error if I copy firebird.msg in my app folder, but I don't want to do that
No error If I set path FIREBIRD_MSG in my system

Why the file firebird.msg is not found with FB3 server ? (no pb with 2.5 or 2.1 server)
Who doesn't find the file ? firebird server or dbexpress driver ?
Thank you

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Re: [Version 4.8.13] Firebird.msg not found with FB3

Post by ViktorV » Fri 01 Dec 2017 11:02

This message is generated not by IBDAC but by Firebird and this behaviour is specific to Firebird: http://www.firebirdfaq.org/faq288

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