Strange behavior with numerics

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Strange behavior with numerics

Post by alegsantos » Thu 11 Sep 2014 18:38

Hi everyone,

My Scenario :
- Firebird 2.0.7
- BDS 2006
- DB Express (using Socket Server)
Server Side: TCRSqlConnection -> TDatasetProvider -> TSqlDataSet (persistent fields)
Client Side : TSocketConnection -> TClientDataSet (persistent fields)

I recently purchased Devart DBXpress Driver for Firebird, because we need to upgrade our Database to Firebird 2.5, and the current driver for BDS 2006 does not support it.

Despite I searched for any information regarding upgrade from default driver to Devart driver, I tried to do it by myself, and encountered this problem I cant solve.

TABLE1, field1 numeric(18,6)

insert into TABLE1 (field1) values (100626.33);

select field1 from TABLE1;
Returned value = 10.06

Hope anyone had any issue like this to help me.

Thanks in advance,

Best regards.


Devart Team
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Re: Strange behavior with numerics

Post by ViktorV » Fri 12 Sep 2014 08:42

Unfortunately, we could not reproduce the issue as you have described it.
Please send a small sample to viktorv*devart*com to demonstrate the issue, including a script to create and fill a table.

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