Trial version error

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Trial version error

Post by rogereab » Fri 28 Jan 2011 14:35

Hi all,
Have used IBDAC (registered version) in the past with good results but have now upgraded to Delphi XE professional and so am trying dbExpress (trial version) for interbase with a firebird database.
Database opens ok with a sql management application and retrieves updates with no problems.
However when I place a dbEpress SQLConnection object on a form, point it to the same database with no one else logged on I get an error when trying to connect of:
unsupported on-disk structure for file C:\DEV Folder\Delphi Projects\Delphi PIC Utilities\RARS.fdb; found 32779, support 13.
Any ideas - I'm running Firebird 2.1 /Interbase 2009 deveoper edition, all under Windows 7 where the same file opens in either with no issues.

Perhaps I should just upgrade the IBDAC to the latest version?

All help appreciated

Roger B


Post by AndreyZ » Mon 31 Jan 2011 09:02


We have answered you by e-mail.

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