Can´t Reinstall 2.20 Version

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Can´t Reinstall 2.20 Version

Post by wagenheimer » Wed 22 Oct 2008 17:30

I´m having problems with the new version, and i did unstall it, but now i can´t reinstall the 2.20 version!

I did get "Setuas has detected already installed DbxIda Packages"... But i did already unstalled the last version... and i did search in Windows Registry, and does not have no more references to DbxIda... What is wrong?

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Post by Plash » Thu 23 Oct 2008 09:38

Maybe dbexpida.dll file remains in the Windows\System32 folder. Try to remove dbexpida.dll, dbexpida30.dll and dbexpida40.dll files from this folder.

You can also run the installiation with the '/force' key:

dbxida220.exe /force

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