Memory leak

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Memory leak

Post by stephane » Fri 12 Sep 2008 10:05

I am testing DBX drivers for interbase and Firebird because the standard DBX4 drivers cause memory leak when i use the following instructions in a loop (very simple program) :;

With upscene drivers there is no leak (or very little memory leak).
With devart drivers (trial version), the leak is very big.

I would like to use Devart drivers because i use both Interbase and firebird but the memory leak block my decision.

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Devart Team
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Post by Plash » Mon 15 Sep 2008 08:57

This memory leak is caused by reloading the driver DLL each time you reconnect. You can avoid the leak and increase connection performance by preloading the driver DLL:

Code: Select all

  LibHandle: THandle;

  LibHandle := LoadLibrary('dbexpida40.dll');


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