Quoted names problem

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Quoted names problem

Post by thvedel » Tue 23 Oct 2007 20:04

I can not figure out how or where to tell the driver to use quoted names for accessing Stored Procedures, Tables, Fields and so on.

In the query designer in Delphi 2007:
When trying to select * from a table called e.g. "Table1", the generated SELECT statement reads SELECT * FROM TABLE1, and even if I modify the statement myself when using it in a table- og query-component, it is automatically overwritten, effectively making it impossible to use quoted table names.

I think it is only me not knowing how to do, since it is stated in the "history" description, that "Bug with UseQuoteChar extended option fixed" in version 2.00.3

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Post by Plash » Wed 24 Oct 2007 08:48

dbExpress has problems with quoted names, and these problems are not related to the driver. But you can use quoted names in the SQL property of the TSQLQuery component. In our tests the TSQLTable component also can be opened if the TableName property contains a quoted name. The TSQLStoredProc component does not work with a quoted name.
The TSimpleDataSet component can be opened if you are using quoted names in its SQL property. But you cannot apply updates to such dataset.

Please specify what component you are trying to use.

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