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FastReport 6

Post by Fabrice » Thu 11 Oct 2018 09:26


In IBDAC folder there is Demos\ThirdParty\FastReport to install IBDAC database components (TfrxIBDACComponents) on FastReport 4 and 5. I use it after each IBDAC update and that's work like a charm.
But since march 2018 Fast Report 6 is available. Current version is 6.2. Maybe be it will be the default version in Delphi 10.3 ?

But, if possible, could you "update" your source for Fast Report 6 ?

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Re: FastReport 6

Post by ViktorV » Thu 11 Oct 2018 14:32

FastReport 5 IBDAC Components are compatible with FastReport 6 VCL version.
FastReport 5 IBDAC Components sources are located at %IBDACDemos%\ThirdParty\FastReport\FR5\, where %IBDACDemos% is the path to IBDAC Demo projects installation on your computer.
To solve the task, please try the following:
- delete FastReport 5 IBDAC Components from [Components]-[Install Packages] ;
- recompile the following components: frxDACXX.dpk, frxIBDACXX.dpk, dclfrxIBDACXX.dpk ;
- install dclfrxIBDACXX.dpk ;
- restart the IDE .

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