Error when Backup up in folders with special characters.

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Error when Backup up in folders with special characters.

Post by luapfr » Wed 09 May 2018 14:24

I am trying to backup a Database but it is giving the following error:

exception class: EIBCError
exception message: I / O error during "CreateFile (open)" operation for file "D:\Emporio do Pão\Data.Fdb" Error while trying to open file The system can not find the path specified.

This error only occurs in Folder where you have accents or special characters how do I resolve this ?

If I back up a folder with no special characters then the backup is done without problems.
I tested by IBExpert to make the Backup of this folder with special character and had no problems.

Code: Select all

  With IBCBackupService1 do begin
   Options := [];

  // Server := Ed_serverName.text;
   ClientLibrary := 'C:\Windows\System32\FBCLIENT.DLL'; // 'gds32.dll';
   LoginPrompt := False;

   NBackupLevel := 0;
   UseNBackup := True;


    Active := True;
    Verbose := True;
    Database := Edit1.Text; //Pchar('D:\Banco de Dados\Emporio do Pão\DATA-EXPERT.DAE'); // Edit1.Text;

   While not Eof do Begin

    Active := False;


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Re: Error when Backup up in folders with special characters.

Post by ViktorV » Thu 10 May 2018 06:59

Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the issue on the latest version IBDAC 6.1.7.
Check, please, make sure that you are using the client library supplied with InterBase (Firebird) distribution to which you are trying to connect.
In order for us to be able to give you a detailed answer, we need to have a sample demonstrating the specified behavior. Therefore, please compose a full sample demonstrating the described behavior and send it to us using the contact form including the scripts for creating database objects.
Note, if the sample has a large size, please place it on free filehosting and send us the link using the contact form

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