Firemonkey, Firebird and Android Deployment Sample

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Firemonkey, Firebird and Android Deployment Sample

Post by nrohn » Mon 09 Sep 2019 19:08


I am trying to deploy IBDAC to android for a firebird remote connection. However I get cannot load client library.

Does anyone have or is there a working sample, with a deployment file to help me out?

I have verified the program/connection under windows, but cannot get it to function under android.

I added,, and and set the path, but still get an the error.

We are using firemonkey and 10.3.2 Rio Delphi.



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Re: Firemonkey, Firebird and Android Deployment Sample

Post by ViktorV » Wed 11 Sep 2019 08:08

You can connect to Android-based Firebird 3 using IBDAC. Support for Andriod-based Firebird is added to IBDAC 6.1.3 as of 19-Sep-17.
You can use the client library provided with Firebird 3 distribution for Android:
You should deploy the Firebird 3 client library together with your application. For more information on this topic, please visit: ... ying_Files
Before connecting to the server, you should set the correct value in the TIBCConnection.ClientLibrary property. For example:
IBCConnection.ClientLibrary: = TPath.Combine (TPath.GetDocumentsPath, '');
Note, to test this functionality, you can use our Mobile demo project. The project is located in the 'Demos\Mobile' folder relatively to the IBDAC demos installation path.

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Re: Firemonkey, Firebird and Android Deployment Sample

Post by AtcBrambo » Thu 28 Jul 2022 04:57

I have same problem.
I made a deployment folder in wich everything is in : App file, FDB file, everyfile .so.
Still doesn't work.
Payed help is welcome too.

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Re: Firemonkey, Firebird and Android Deployment Sample

Post by pavelpd » Fri 05 Aug 2022 06:34

Thanks for contacting us!

Could you please describe your issue in more detail?
What kind of errors occur and what actions cause them?
Please create and send us the screenshots demonstrating the issue.

Kindly specify which database you are trying to connect to, built-in or remote?

Also, please compose and send us a sample application demonstrating your issue.
You can send all the needed samples via the e-support form:

Additionally, could you please clarify some additional information:
- What version of IBDAC do you have;
- What version of RadStudio;
- What version of the database;

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