Changing the app to cached updates

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Changing the app to cached updates

Post by josecarlos » Tue 14 Jan 2020 13:30


I have an application, all queries are directly connected to data aware components, So now I want to change it due long transactions on Firebird due performance issues.

The app is big, lots of forms to change. The solution I think is change the app to cachedupdates.

I am looking at the IbDacDemo.dpr I have a few questions about cachedupdates.

1) In the IbDacDemo.dpr with cachedupdates checked, when I click on open, the dataset is openned but which transactions is using to open the dataset ? Maybe the answer is the default transaction of the connection. Is it correct ?

2) If so, after open the default transaction is closed ?

3) Is there any problem to keep some forms using cachedupdates and other not using it? Because I am thinking about make the migration to cachedupdates on a working app.

Any advices on this will be appreciates,

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Re: Changing the app to cached updates

Post by ViktorV » Fri 17 Jan 2020 10:37

1. InterBase / Firebird requires an active transaction for any data operation, even for opening a data set. In our example, we start a default transaction when opening a data set and it remains active until you explicitly close the transaction or the application.
2. All changes are made in the context of the transaction specified in the UpdateTransaction property.
3. We haven't encountered such issues yet.
Note that you can use dbMonitor to identify what transactions are used for what operations.

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