connect via system DSN?

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connect via system DSN?

Post by bayesian » Tue 24 May 2022 00:27

When we connect to a database, we have to supply connection credentials (username, password, etc). This means that all users connecting to a database need to have, in plaintext, a username and password. I'd prefer to distribute a system DSN to all users' computers via a GPO, and use that connection. Can dbForge MySQL connect via a system DSN rather than with a username/password?

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Re: connect via system DSN?

Post by michabbb » Wed 31 Aug 2022 16:20

i assume the answer is no.

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Re: connect via system DSN?

Post by tfrancois » Wed 31 Aug 2022 23:21

Not sure if this is helpful to you, but did you not explore this:

From Devart:

From MySQL: (8.0 version but I believe there are versions for MySQL 5.7 as well)

Respectfully, Google is your friend.

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Re: connect via system DSN?

Post by dzhanhira » Thu 08 Sep 2022 13:42

dbForge for MySQL allows you to use ODBC drivers as data sources and work with them through a pre-created System DSN. As such a source we suggest:

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Re: connect via system DSN?

Post by paanjii2 » Wed 21 Sep 2022 09:46

If a system DSN has already been configured that you want to use, select the Use System DSN option. Enter the System DSN or choose it from the dropdown that appears. Enter a Password if necessary. Optionally click Test connection above.

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Re: connect via system DSN?

Post by valentinkohler » Tue 25 Oct 2022 07:27

I am also experiencing the same issue. fnf mods
But because of your conversation, I was able to find a solution to my issue.

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