Delay or Disable Errors

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Delay or Disable Errors

Post by AdamsDriver » Fri 16 Jul 2021 15:19

Is there any way to delay or disable dbForge from popping up errors it finds while I am creating or editing a query? I am using version 9.0.338 and when I am in the text editor changing anything on a query it is constantly popping up the error window. Of course there is an error I am in the middle of typing the query!

Also, why does dbForge not remove errors from the error list once the SQL statement is completed? I am always having to go to the error window and clear all before I can apply any changes. It seems once an error is on the list it will never go away even if the error really doesn't exist any more.

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Re: Delay or Disable Errors

Post by dzhanhira » Mon 19 Jul 2021 11:18

Please, upgrade to the latest version, it should be fixed there.

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Re: Delay or Disable Errors

Post by GEVERT5 » Wed 24 Nov 2021 05:58

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