Report using CLI does not contain any data

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Report using CLI does not contain any data

Post by DingoBlue » Tue 14 Sep 2021 07:29

Dbforge MySQL Studio ver 9.0.688
I have created some reports and they preview and execute perfectly showing all the data from the underlying queries.
There are no parameters.
I generated a CLI using the designer to try and automate this process, selecting the rdp required and saved it to a bat file.
I then ran the bat file (several variations) but all I get is the preview layout of the report with no data.
I am oviously doing something wrong or missing a step but I cannot fathom what it is.
Can anyone assist or point me to some detailed documentation that may help. I have pored through ll the Dbforge documentation that I can find.

I have used the CLI feature for other events such as data import and database mangement with total success.


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