OraDeveloper 2.0 Beta available!

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OraDeveloper 2.0 Beta available!

Post by Duke » Tue 24 Oct 2006 06:17

Core Lab announces the beta version 2.0 of OraDeveloper Studio and OraDeveloper Tools for Visual Studio .NET. Version 2.0 introduces a large number of new features including database project and PL/SQL debugging support, administration tools and many others. Release is scheduled for the second decade of November.

Here is the short description of main new features.
  • Database project support
    Database project integrates your database developments into the single whole. Project explorer allows to arrange your isolated scripts, query files and favorite database objects and define the project deployment order. The Object View window allows to navigate throughout the project files and locate database objects created by scripts. You can also compile source objects contained in project.
  • PL/SQL and script debuggers
    PL/SQL debugger allows to debug various kinds of Oracle source objects. The program execution can be stopped on any line of executable code when using breakpoints. Debugger provides the possibility of evaluating and modifying variables in the Watches window. The currently active stack of PL/SQL program calls is shown in the Call Stack window. Script debugger allows to fulfill step-by-step execution of SQL scripts with the possibility of breaking the execution.
  • Administration tools
    • Security Manager allows to perform the full range of database security administration tasks such as manipulating users, granting and revoking roles and privileges, managing profiles.
    • Session Manager helps to control user sessions.
    • Event Monitor gives the opportunity of signal interchange between database connections.
  • SQL editor new features
    SQL Editor was improved by advanced code completion features (possible due to code parsing), code outlining which gives you an overall view of the structure of your document and parameters info aid. A number of code templates were created to simplify SQL code creation.
  • Extended support of Oracle schema objects editing
    New version has increased the number of database objects which can be created by convenient and multifunctional editors. Here is the list improvements
    • XML Schemas and Tables
    • Object Tables
    • Partitioned, clustered and index-organized tables
    • Materialized Views and View Logs
  • Document outline
    Document Outline window permits to view the structure of the documents, included into the project. DML commands, DDL statements, PL/SQL blocks and variables are represented as main structural units in the window to simplify code navigation.
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