Server Name compulsory?

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Server Name compulsory?

Post by » Fri 01 Sep 2006 12:32

i have just installed ur developr tool for VS.NET 2003.

wen i cliked the new connection button it gave me the error of "Can't find file tnsnamea.ora"). i provided the user name and password (not the server name) and tested the connection, the connection established successfully.

now the problem is that the OK button is disabled unless i provide any text in the server name field. i have tried the server name orcl but no connection in this case ( i m sure its name is orcl at my system).

what should i do now??? also tell me how to use the direct connection, what is a sid and were i can get it?

(i m using the same thing with the ORACLE DEVELOPER TOOL for .NET provided by ORACLE , user name and password only)

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Post by Duke » Fri 01 Sep 2006 13:43

When you are in OCI mode it looks for the file tnsnames.ora that contains server list and must be created in [OracleHome]\Network\Admin folder. But your case (local server and no tnsnames.ora) is the only exception. We'll fix this problem in the next release.
Meanwhile, as a work around, you can create tnsnames.ora file that includes your server name and work in OCI mode with no errors.
As for direct mode: in direct mode OraDeveloper Tools does not need client software to work with server. You need to specify host name (or IP), TNS Listener port (1521 by default) and SID. SID and Service Name as synonyms.

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