OraDeveloper 1.7 and MS VisualStudio 2005 Dataset Designer

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OraDeveloper 1.7 and MS VisualStudio 2005 Dataset Designer

Post by PhilL » Tue 16 May 2006 17:09

This picks up on an earlier thread that doesn't seem to be receiving any new traffic - sorry for the duplication. :wink:

I am evaluating tools available for creating a Dataset based on an Oracle 9i or 10g database inside of MS VisualStudio 2005 (Professional edition). The dataset will be used inside of an ASP.Net webservice with business logic to broker table records to a client application. I am currently comparing the functionality of creating the dataset with the MS provided Oracle provider for .NET (System.Data.OracleClient), Oracle's ODP.NET tools (Oracle.DataAccess), and OraDirect with OraDeveloper (CoreLabs.Oracle).

The MS data provider is documented as not supporting 10g and doesn't seem to support Oracle Packages. Oracle's tools do not include support for the VisualStudio dataset designer. I'm hoping that the CoreLabs tools give me all of this.

Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to get the OraDeveloper to work with the OraDirect connection in VisualStudio. When I try to drag and drop tables from the DBExplorer onto a dataset, I am unsuccessful with the OraDirect drivers (successful with the MS provider). Error message is
Mouse drag operation failed.
Data provider identified by guid '0bd2b57f-bed8-441d-a0d2-1999c7f41123' could not be loaded.
Any support on this issue (maybe a registration issue with OraDirect?) would be appreciated. Any comments from folks using OraDeveloper with the MS Dataset Designer would also be appreciated.


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Post by Duke » Mon 05 Jun 2006 07:10

Answer was posted to the previous thread.