Problem with ERD Diagram

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Problem with ERD Diagram

Post by mfriend » Tue 21 Jun 2016 20:02

Hi Folks:

I created an ERD diagram. A while after I had created it, someone deleted several of the tables from the schema it was based off of. I am probably missing something, but here is my problem:
1. I can't open my saved ERD Diagram (created in latest version of Studio) unless I am connected to the database.
2. If I am connected to the database it automatically sync's and wipes the missing tables from the diagram.

I would like to either
1. Be able to display the erd diagram without having to sync or connect so I can see all the tables, field types, etc.
2. Be able to connect and tell Studio to sync TO the database, not from the database (i.e. have it create the missing table/keys on the database instead of removing them from the diagram).

Am I missing something?.... I hope so

Thanks for any help...


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Re: Problem with ERD Diagram

Post by alexa » Wed 22 Jun 2016 10:49

You can vote for the following suggestion on our UserVoice forum ... ality-that

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