Data Comparison stuck at 0%

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Data Comparison stuck at 0%

Post by jodee » Thu 28 Apr 2016 16:39

I'm having an issue with Data Compare for Oracle (Version 4.0.17). The first time that I do a comparison it comes back with the results fairly quickly (1-2 minutes). If I apply the changes, the changes apply properly but when tries to refresh the results the comparison never finishes. The timer just keeps running, I've had it running for 3+ hours before with the progress bar staying at 0%

If I close and reopen data compare after doing that then the initial compare never returns (stuck at 0% for hours).

This is on Windows 7 (x64) running against oracle

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Re: Data Comparison stuck at 0%

Post by alexa » Fri 29 Apr 2016 08:03

Could you please provide us the version of the Oracle client you are using (if applicable)?

Also, please perform the following:

1. Select 'Tools -> Options' from the main menu. The 'Options' window opens.
2. Navigate to the 'Environment -> Output' branch.
3. Select the 'Write queries sent by the program to the SQL Log' and 'Log application errors' options.
4. Unselect the 'Delete application log after closing' option. Click 'OK'.
5. Reproduce the issue and send us the *.log file with the latest date from the directory

Code: Select all

%SystemDrive%\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Roaming\Devart\dbForge Data Compare for Oracle\
You can reply straight to our support system at supportATdevartDOTcom

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