Custom Query reuse

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Custom Query reuse

Post by Judith » Wed 09 Sep 2015 19:24

It seems that I can save a custom query comparison, within a comparison file. I wish I could save individual SQL files and use them in the custom query comparisons, so I can reuse them easily. For example, I am testing several different database columns in two systems. I have a source query and a target query for each. If I make a comparison with, e.g., the Headcount source and target queries, I can save it in the dcomp file. But I cannot reuse it in another dcomp file. In addition, I cannot specify a saved SQL file to use for the query.

Am I correct? Is there a more flexible way to do this?

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Re: Custom Query reuse

Post by alexa » Thu 10 Sep 2015 08:48

Unfortunately, there is no a possibility to save a query into a separate SQL file. Alternatively. you can perform the following:

1. Open *.scomp with, for example, Notepad.
2. Specify a new query inside in the <SourceCustomQueryScript> tag
3. In the <ComparedColumns CustomMapped="True"> tag, verify the columns that are present in the query.

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