BLOB in OCL external procedure

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M Towler
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BLOB in OCL external procedure

Post by M Towler » Fri 10 Mar 2006 12:25


I am looking to use OCL to make it easier for me to write external procedures for Oracle. I have looked at the extproc example and it uses simple types such as int and char*. I am wondering if I have a procedure taking BLOB types, if it is possible to convert the OCILOBLOCATOR* that Oracle will pass into my function, into CRLob objects?


extern "C" int __declspec(dllexport)
externalProcedure(OCIExtProcContext* context, OCILOBLOCATOR* x, char* y)
CRLob x_lob( x ); // how to write this line?

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Post by Paul » Fri 10 Mar 2006 15:58

OCL does not have exact constructor that you need.
Please use OCIExtProcGetEnv function for receiving OCISvcCtx from given OCIExtProcContext.

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sword OCIExtProcGetEnv ( OCIExtProcContext *with_context,
OCIEnv envh,
OCISvcCtx svch,
OCIError errh );
Then you have to pass OCILOBLOCATOR* and OCISvcCtx to hOCILobLocator and hOCISvcCtx fields of OraLob.

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class OraLob : public CRLob {
  OCILobLocator* hOCILobLocator;
  OCISvcCtx*     hOCISvcCtx;

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