MERGE Statement Support in dbForge Studio for Oracle v3.7

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MERGE Statement Support in dbForge Studio for Oracle v3.7

Post by Devart » Tue 27 Jan 2015 14:44

Dear users,

Devart team is pleased to announce the new release of dbForge Studio for Oracle, v3.7.

The new version comes with a whole bunch on new features and improvements related to such fundamental features of the application, as code completion and formatting, data comparison and synchronization, data reporting.

Code Formatting for MERGE Statements
Now you can easily format the MERGE statements with their multiple clauses.

Enhanced Command-Line Interface
With the updated command-line interface, you can automate such routine tasks, as:
  • SQL formatting
  • Files encoding within the /execute and /restore command-line operations
  • Report parameters setup
Advanced Manipulation of Constraints and Indexes
We considerably reworkd editors for constraints and indexes to make their creation and editing more clear and user-friendly. Also, you can easily rename constraints, enable and disable indexes right from Database Explorer.

Improved Data Export and Import
Data import and export functionalities were considerably reworked and boosted in accordance with our customers' feedback. New options include:
  • Export to the Excel 2007 (XLSX) format
  • Export of BLOB fields as TEXT to Excel, TXT, HTML, PDF, RTF, and CSV formats
  • Import of dynamic values from Excel and Excel 2007
  • Detecting column types when importing data from the CSV format
Other New Features and Improvements
Read the What's New in dbForge Studio for Oracle, v3.7 article to get acquainted with the full list of new features and updates.

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Devart Development Team