Issue - comand line comparing and synchronization

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Issue - comand line comparing and synchronization

Post by vkuba » Fri 03 Oct 2014 09:51

Hi, I have little problem with your product.
When I'm trying to compare DB schema with snapshot (which was created second ago - no diff, clean copy) using command line, I'm getting many data -> triggers, comments etc.
When I'm doing the same but using dbforge studio I'm getting what I want -> NOTHING (becouse they are the same).
/schemacompare /source server:xxx user:xxx password:xxx mode:sysdba /schemas:REPO,REPO /target snapshot:C:\Users\jakubo\Desktop\Forge\snap\1.0.1-REPO.snap /force:yes /cwrapped:yes /ispace:yes /itspace:yes /sync:"C:\Users\jakubo\Desktop\Forge\roznicowka\1.0.1-REPO.sql" /sqlplus:yes /fullnames:yes
*options as in default dbForge Studio

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Re: Issue - comand line comparing and synchronization

Post by alexa » Fri 03 Oct 2014 13:57

Could you please provide us the following information:

1. Screenshot of the generated *.scomp schema comparison document.
2. *.scomp file itself.
3. Screenshot of the command line string displaying triggers, comments etc.
4. Full version of dbForge. Is it of x32 or x64?
5. Version of the Oracle server.
6. Version of the Oracle client (if applicable).
7. Will there be any difference if you save the *.scomp document into a file and execute comparison via the command line interface (/schemacompare /compfile:<scomp> /sync:<path> )?

Please see the 'How To: Compare and Synchronize Schemas through Command Line' topic in the product's Help documentation and the following articles on our website: ... ndows.html ... ackup.html

You can send a reply straight to our support system at supportATdevartDOTcom, so we will keep further correspondence with you on this issue via e-mail.

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