Upgrade Oracle database from TFS scripts

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Upgrade Oracle database from TFS scripts

Post by radhal » Thu 26 Jun 2014 19:19


We are trying to come up with an automated process of upgrading an oracle database.
Basically, we keep all the scripts (tables, views, stored procs, static data, etc) in TFS.
Is it possible to create a snapshot and .dcomp file from those scripts?
So that we can run the schema compare and data compare from command line and hence upgrade the target database.
Any thoughts or ideas?


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Re: Upgrade Oracle database from TFS scripts

Post by alexa » Fri 27 Jun 2014 12:26

TFS and SVN are supported in the Professional Edition of dbForge Studio for Oracle on the level of snapshot files only. For example, you can generate snapshots with dbForge and check them in/out to TFS or SVN. Also, you can compare snapshot files located on TFS or SVN. Please also see the 'Version Control Alias Properties Dialog Box' topic in the product's Help documentation.

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