Beautify PL/SQL Code with dbForge Studio for Oracle 3.5!

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Beautify PL/SQL Code with dbForge Studio for Oracle 3.5!

Post by Devart » Fri 25 Oct 2013 08:24

Dear users,

Meet the new version of dbForge Studio for Oracle, v.3.5.

The new version of the application has a bunch of new features to make your work with Oracle server easier and more comfortable. Working with code was heavily updated - now the application provides advanced code formatting capabilities and PL/SQL support in code completion. SQL code beautifier provides wide set of options for customization of code appearance.

Major Improvements

Oracle 12c is supported

Extended code completion capabilities
Code completion functionality proved to be useful in dbForge tools for MySQL and SQL Server. So now it's time we added it in dbForge Studio for Oracle.
Among useful code completion capabilities are Oracle and PL/SQL grammar support, suggestions of JOIN statements.

Improved database object editors
Table editor was significantly improved. Most table properties now can be changed from the very editor window. Heuristics feature spares your time when defining table columns.

Optimized application work with Oracle server
Now Database Explorer, object editors work faster than before.

New code formatter
Application provides advanced means for code formatting. It allows customizing code appearance and introducing single formatting standard in your company.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 is supported

Now dbForge Studio for Oracle can work with 32-bit versions of Oracle client on 64-bit versions of Windows

Minor features

Application features minor improvements in appearance and usability.
See the full list of improvements »


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Download trial version of dbForge Studio for Oracle now and evaluate the benefits of the Professional edition features for free during a 30-day trial period.

Devart Development Team