New builds of OraDeveloper Studio and OraDeveloper Tools

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New builds of OraDeveloper Studio and OraDeveloper Tools

Post by heleng » Tue 02 Mar 2010 15:42

Dear users,

Devart Development Team has released today new builds: OraDeveloper Studio 2.55.167, OraDeveloper Tools for Visual Studio 2.55.168, and OraDeveloper Tools for Delphi 2.55.168.

The new builds include the following bug fixes:
  • ObjectDisposedException on opening Database Explorer fixed (T9840)
  • The problem with retrieving data from the table with BLOB fields fixed (T9349, T9356)
  • Sorting data of DATE fields in Data Editor fixed (T10680)
  • The problem on editing data of fields with Object Type data type fixed (49797)
  • Compilation of PACKAGE BODY is working now (T9933)
  • Fix of ArgumentOutOfRangeException on editing text in SQL document if it contains regions and incomplete statements (T9290)
  • The settings of Quick filter are not cancelled on Paginal Mode changing now (50088)
  • Actions with files do not cause to encoding loss
  • Scale for columns with data type as TIMESTAMP retrived without errors now
Download the latest builds to get more satisfaction and smoother work of the products:

OraDeveloper Studio 2.55.167 [Download]
OraDeveloper Tools for Visual Studio 2.55.168 [Download]
OraDeveloper Tools for Delphi 2.55.168 [Download]

Devart Development Team