conflict between OCL and stlport

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conflict between OCL and stlport

Post by sudarshansrode » Wed 07 Jan 2009 11:59


I am working on a project which uses stlport and Oracle Class Library. I have run some demo projects for OCL which work fine. However when I use stlport and OCL together in the project; It generates a runtime error "Illegal instruction".

the part of code giving this error is given below

#include "ocl.h"

using namespace ocl;

int main()
OraConnection connection;
char* connectString = "uName/password@dbName";
connection.setConnectString(connectString);; // "Illegal instruction"

This program compiles and links right. It gives the error at runtime. Please help me with this


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Post by Paul » Fri 09 Jan 2009 15:34

We did not test OCL with STLport compiler. Try to find the problem using the source version of OCL Library.

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