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Comments and suggestions

Post by Wim » Wed 01 Jun 2005 15:15

Great job, the Oradeveloper Studio is a very sophisticated tool.
Here are a few suggestions from my part.

Output Window:
I often use OraDesigner to fix data ( inserts, updates and deletes).
Before committing I had always feedback about the number of rows
affected. If it was not what I expected, I knew there was something
wrong in my query.
The output window only tells me 'Query2: Execute succeeded [0,225]'
A mistake in the where statement doesn't reveal itself anymore.

Query window:
In OraDesigner one could select part of the text to be executed.
Now it takes all of the Query text.
Selecting part of the text is extremely handy when reviewing the
results of subqueries.

Data grid:
The main reason I keep working with the Borland Database Desktop
is its ability to select a range in the resulting grid and to copy it
to the clipboard. From there the data can be pasted directly into
Excel e.g.
This feature is on my wish list for long...

I wish you the best,

Devart Team
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Post by Duke » Thu 02 Jun 2005 09:36

Thank you for the feedback. We'll take you suggestions into account. We have already included some of them into our near plans.

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