Oracle Connection with OCL

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Oracle Connection with OCL

Post by youngmin » Wed 17 Sep 2008 06:28

I had questino yesterday, nobody answer about it... :(

Is anybody have used this library before?

I am using this, and I made connection member in my class.

OraConnection m_Connection;

this Connection is open when I connect DB and it is disconnected when program down.

ths problem is "m_Connection.isConnected()" seems not working well.

sometimes the program just shut downed. if it keep request SQL quary or excute procedures when DB is not responsed.

do I need to make connection in each function? it will be really slow for loading time...

so my question is..

1) is it any possible to know the connection is activate or not. even isConnected() say, it is working well...
2) Why the app progrm shutdowned when SQL qury statement or procedure is delayed too long.


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Post by Paul » Wed 17 Sep 2008 08:39

Please see the answer in this topic

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