Some problems and a feature request.

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Some problems and a feature request.

Post by strips » Wed 02 Jan 2008 08:54


I am currently looking for an Toad replacement for my department. First appearance of OraDeveloper is very good. Clean and intuitive GUI.

But I have some quirks with it.

Is there some way of adding file name extensions in OraDev? Our PLSQL packages are named .pkb and .pks. These are not recognized and there is no syntax highlighting.

Adding a new file to a project will get an extension ".sql". I tried changing name to .pkb, but it's ignored. The file ends up with .sql.

A feature request:
Crash recovery. Preferably getting all open and unsaved windows back so one might continue to work where you where. Just recovering unsaved data would help.

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Post by Alexz » Wed 02 Jan 2008 13:56

We'll take your suggestions into account in the next version of OraDeveloper Studio.

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