Not all objects are shown

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Not all objects are shown

Post by dim » Mon 06 Aug 2007 15:04


I am using OraDeveloper 2.0.50.

One thing I noticed is that when you click the "+" to expand tree of database objects. Not all objects are shown in the expanded tree.

I am clicking on views/packages of other databases (that is I am logging in as user A, and trying to look user B's views/packages).

It's not a permisson problem, because I can see those objects in Orcale's SQLDeveloper. I can see over 50 views in SQLDeveloper, but only a few in OraDeveloper (around 10)

Anyone know what's wrong?


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Post by Duke » Tue 07 Aug 2007 06:43

Fast of all, problem is that Oracle SQL Developer uses internal Oracle tables for extracting metadata while as OraDeveloper uses static data dictionary views. This can result in difference when watching objects of another user. Difference is the result of permission restriction.

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